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IM “Mycelium Research” and Live Mushroom Grow Kits both come with our First Generation Premium genetic on ancient grain millet, colonized in a proprietary high nutrient substrate designed to produce the highest potency fruit.

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Introducing our All-In-One, IM Home Grow and Magic Mushroom Mycelium “Research” Kits. – your gateway to exploring the fascinating world of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms as well as Magic Mushroom Mycelium legally and responsibly.

IM comprehensive kits provide you with top-quality genetics and specially formulated substrate, meticulously crafted to support the growth of premium mushrooms and mycelium. Delve into the art of mycology with confidence, as our all in one kit offers everything you need to research and cultivate mushrooms or magic mushroom mycelium at home. Unleash your curiosity and embark on a journey of discovery with our Home Grow Live Mushroom or Mycelium Research Kit today!

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Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps Militaris, Golden Teacher, MelMac, Thai Cubensis, Alacabenzi


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