Freeze drying is a markedly superior preservation technique when compared to traditional dehydration, primarily due to its ability to maintain a whopping 97% of the original nutritional composition, a substantial contrast to the 40% loss associated with dehydrating.The pivotal distinction lies in the cryogenic (sub-zero) temperatures applied during freeze drying, which eliminates the thermal degradation inflicted during conventional dehydration.

In the freeze-drying process, controlled sublimation under vacuum conditions facilitates the removal of moisture while preserving the bioactive constituents intrinsic to the our Mushrooms, Meats & Munchies. This methodological precision not only ensures the retention of nutritional integrity but also safeguards vital sensory attributes, including color, flavor, and texture. In professional parlance, freeze drying unequivocally asserts its supremacy as a preservation method, delivering a final product that excels in both nutritional potency and sensory appeal.

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