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100% Cordyceps militaris and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Fruiting Bodies, Freeze Dried and Powdered to preserve 97% of the mushrooms natural nutrients and potency.

Our finely ground powders maximize all the bioactive benefits of Cordyceps militaris and Lion’s Mane Mushroom in a convenient pour, steep, and go Mind & Body energy boost!

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Immaculate Mushrooms presents a trio of Daily Mushroom Drink Blends meticulously crafted to harness the potent benefits of Cordyceps militaris and Lion’s Mane mushroom in a convenient freeze-dried, powdered blend. IM Drink Blends cater to diverse preferences and health goals, providing users with flexible options to incorporate the remarkable benefits of Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane into their daily routine, whether for sustained energy, cognitive enhancement, or overall physical health and mental well-being.

Freeze Drying Benefits:
Freeze drying is the only way to retain the maximum bioactive compounds of Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane, ensuring the preservation of essential nutrients. This method removes moisture without heat, preventing degradation and maintaining the mushrooms’ efficacy and potency. The resulting powders offer a pure, concentrated and stable form of these mushrooms, delivering a consistent and convenient way to incorporate their benefits into your daily routine.


IM Daily Blends are made from 100% raw fruiting bodies, freeze dried and powdered. All of our products are proudly grown and processed in Canada with NO IMPORTED FRUITING BODIES OR INGREDIENTS.

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Mushroom Drink Blends

IM Running Free 1000mg, IM Pure Energy 1500mg, IM Elite 2000mg


10 Pack, Single


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